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Ten Years In The Wild
Ten Years In The Wild
Octad & Phiorio

This release is one of round numbers. It’s Metroline Limited release number 50. You may have actually noticed that we almost got to release 90 by now but number 50 was always kept behind for a collaborative release between the two men behind the label: Andrea and Gianpiero aka Octad and Phiorio. It took a fairly long time to put this release together, mainly because running a label with a DIY ethos is a time consuming affair and most of the time doesn’t leave too much free time for sonic experimentations. We really hope it was worth the wait! And what a better opportunity to release Metroline number 50 like for the label’s 10 years anniversary. So much has happened since 2007, we released a LOT of music, some of our tracks have been played in the best clubs and festivals and by some of our favourite dj’s. We are not going to name names but we are extremly proud of what we have achieved in our 10 years history. We are also proud of the fact that we are still around with energy and enthusiam to keep on releasing new music, this time (finally) by our label owners and also soon by a lot more talented producers in the months to come. Music wise, in this EP you will find some of the syles that made Metroline music known over the years. The two tracks on the A side are produced by Octad. Missing Bits has Octad’s trademark minimal groove with hissing hats and a huge sub bass. There is a clever use of percussive bits, dark stabs and vocals to create a sublime dark minimal techno builder. Synopsis of 8 keeps the A side atmosphere well dark. Andrea managed to create a solid machine funk dark and spooky techno number with metallic percussion and plenty of groove. Phiorio takes control ot B side with the opening track Icarus. If you are familiar with Gianpiero’s music you will know that he doesn’t take any compromise when it’s time to deliver some bizarre and experimental techno and this is exactly what Icarus is. The groove is very intricate, there’s suffled up hats, an ever flowing modular bass and a cut up vocal that becomes some sort of disorienting pad that adds groove to the track. 10 minutes of bizarre sci-fi minimal madness! The EP closer is called Organs and it’s a more straight up modern deep house number with a killer groove, big bass and interesting pads and atmos. 


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A1 - Octad - Missing Bits
A2 - Octad - Synopsis Of 8
B1 - Phiorio - Icarus
B2 - Phiorio - Organs