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Focus On Metroline Limited Vol. 4
Focus On Metroline Limited Vol. 4
Various Artists

2017 represents a very important step in Metroline Limited history, it's the label's 10th year anniversary. Crazy isn't it? Where did the last 10 years go? While the first 3 Focus On Compilations 'focused on' the first 7 years of the label and its various excursions in techno, house and sub-genres, Volume 4 includes tracks that were released from 2014 until the end of 2016. After carefully selecting 14 tasty tracks, the Metroline crew proceeded with mixing them together and deliver an hour long club mix to be included in the package. As previous Focus On releases the mix is available for free if you buy the whole bundle. For the first time, you can find collected together some of the most successful tracks of Metroline's recent vinyl output such as Cristi Cons remix of Doubtingthomas 'Cognitive Dissonance', Nami's 'Teorema' and Counrad's 'Berlin East Side' alongside some undiscovered gems from up and coming producers like Ikuto and Gabriele Mancino. Also available, the peak time bomb which is Medu's remix of Dhaze 'Subatomic Pussy', the deep lush grooves of Clio's 'The Beautiful Forces' and the minimal-skizoid Adjustment Bureau remix of one of Phiorio's animals....plus more...you are spoilt for choice, really!




01 - Deltano - Mental Issue
02 - Battric & MIVU - Donata
03 - Phiorio - Ninja Cat (Adjustment Bureau Remix)
04 - Doubtingthomas - Cognitive Dissonance (Cristi Cons Remix)
05 - Nicolas Duvoisin & Ben Larsen - Petite Coquine (David Delgado 99% Pure Remix)
06 - Ikuto - Random Particles
07 - Nami - Teorema
08 - Dimitri Monev - Tryp
09 - Counrad - Berlin East Side
10 - ub Capsule & Max (Italy) - Lies To Me
11 - Dhaze - Subatomic Pussy (Medu Remix)
12 - Gabriele Mancino - Slow Dynamic Process
13 - Andrew McDonnell - Six (Dakpa Remix)
14 - Clio - The Beautiful Forces
15 - Focus On Metroline Limited (Continuous Mix)