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Sharp And Open
Sharp And Open


Phiorio is back on Metroline with his first full-length release in 4 years following the split EP with Octad (The Years In The Wild) and the collaboration with Dhaze and the track 'NT' which was included in the 2018 EP compilation 'Positive Contribution'. Sharp And Open has come out of some studio upgrades, jams with new machines and the usual dose of unpredictability that it is often what you find on Phiorio's releases. Surely the guy doesn't like to follow trends that much and anything seem to go in his productions even though we can still call it house music! The opening track Old Times Sake is a sexy and warm deep house groover. Funky bassline and many layers of atmospheric pads are the track's main elements together with some mysterious vocal recorded a long time ago. In Sharp And Open Phiorio swaps warm and lush grooves for relentless and hypnotic rhythms. The intricate drum programming and a pulsating bass are the main drivers together with layers of sci-fi synths and efx. The track never lets go and will have you nailed to that dancefloor! Zero 8 comes in two parts: one where the producer decided to create some free form techno stitching together various layers of modular synth lines and noises and another one which is more linear, reduced and dancefloor friendly.



01 - Phiorio - Old Times' Sake
02 - Phiorio - Sharp And Open
03 - Phiorio - Zero8
04 - Phiorio - Zero8 (Dry Edit)