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Hungarian producer Giash has been on Metroline Limited radar for quite some time. It took a while to get him on board but the wait is finally over: the misteriously titled Sen_d_Ingo Ep is here and it is super-tasty! An expert crafter of minimal beats and hypnothic grooves, Giash career has spanned over 10 years with his productions being released on wax through seminal labels such as Archipel, Plaisir, Why So Series and many more. The opening track, Brunc_hc-_h, give us the first shot of underscores and a high dosage of machine funk minimalism. It's a full on/slow-mo industrial churning groover with sci-fi licks and lush pads work! The second cut on the A side it's the beatiful Imagin__ary and it's deep minimalism at the highest level. It's a great mixture of new and old as far as reduced jacking grooves are concerned. It could have easily fitted in the late 90's Perlon/Playhouse era but it surely sounds as current, fresh and forward thinking now. Side B is solely occupied by the tripped out grooves of Sen_d_ingo. Close your eyes, imagine yuorself in an East London basement at the darkest of after-parties, this track is the perfect fit for that particular moment. Over 13 minutes of dark and hypnotic beauty, the track is crunchy and punchy with a wigglesome broken rhythm, some subtle synth variations and plenty of dark and deep atmoshperics!

A1 - Brunc_hc_h
A2 - Imagin_ary
B1 - Sen_d_ingo